Digital publications reading app

iOS & Android app
Design & development 
Client: Dilicom
2018 - 2021
Baobab is the the app of the Prêt Numérique en Bibliothèque (Digital lending in librairies), an inter-professional project that allows access to digital reading in public libraries that currently agregates more than 6 000 institutions in France.

Baobab allows library users to synchronize their borrowed publications on their own devices (smartphones and tablets) to read them. Baobab allows also to restore in advance a ressource or to ask for an extension of the loan period.

- search of the library
- authentification of the library user
- synchronization of the loans
- Consultation of Ebooks (epub and pdf files) protected by the LCP DRM. 
- Restoration and extension of the loan period management

- Rendering engines for pdf and ePub (Readium2)
- Proprietary APIs for libraries search, loan synchronization
- API propriétaires pour la recherche des bibliothèques, la synchronisation des emprunts
- authentication protocol oauth2
- LCP Licences for loans and services (loan extensions, early returns...)

Baobab is a white label app of the Lisa Business solution.